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250k - 1m monthly

Learn digital marketing skills that sells easily


Use Digital Marketing skills to sell your products or services

What one of my clients said while still undergoing a coaching program with me


Frequently asked questions

This course is for you if:↓

  1. You are struggling to make money from your online business.
  2. You want to have A NEW SKILL and monetize it.
  3. You want to learn how to make money online.
  4. You want to make money in your sleep without posting posting daily and commenting on 50 pages daily to get visibility.
  5. You want to upgrade your online selling skills.
  6. You want to learn a digital marketing skill and be seen as an expert in your niche.

You will be able to access the course anytime you’re free. Timing of this course is very flexible. You have no excuse.

You will have 2 years access

You will have access to the course via your email and you can go thru the course at your own pace.

It is an online course. The Physical course is available as a personal coaching program

100% money back guarantee if  you implement all you will learn during this course consistently for 3months and you make zero Naira/Dollars with all the knowlegde you will gain from this course. You will also get 20% extra in addition to the refund.

For this particular package, you will only have access to the course. If you want to have access to me and ask me questions anytime of the day, you will be asked to sign up for personal coaching.

What People Have to Say About Me and My Previous Classes


(Which is much more than what they all got from me):

 You will get 19 Courses 16 FREE

  1. Web design and development
  2. Social media and flyer designs
  3. Video Editing
  4. Online Course Creation
  5. Email List Building
  6. Ebooks design and creation
  7. Sales Funnel building
  8. Facebook Ads
  9. Instagram Ads
  10. WordPress tools and plugins
  11. Online Payment Systems (Paystack, Flutterwave etc)
  12. Create Your Youtube Channel
  13. Storytelling
  14. Voice training for making podcasts, recordings and courses.
  15. Whatsapp Marketing (Lead Magnet & Sales Funnel for Whatsapp)
  16. Sales Conversion Page / Landing page
  17. Community Creation/Charity/Movement
  18. Sales Closing Techniques (Puppy Love, Assumptive etc)
  19. Follow Up, Referrals, Customer Relations and After sale service.


  1. Bio audit + Location
  2. Link in bio
  3. How to make people visit your link in bio
  4. Your slogan
  5. Go big on Personal Branding
  6. Content Ideas for your business
  7. Highlight covers fix
  8. Page Template
  9. Page arrangement
  10. Photography for content creation
  11. Caption Writing
  12. Attention hacking using funny & engaging videos
  13. Visibility
  14. Engagement
  15. Strategic Commenting
  16. Celebrity Gifting

Meet Me

My name is Toyin Akan, a Sales Coach, Sales Strategist and Digital Marketer. Founder of Naijasalesmaker popularly known as the No.1 SALES MAKER (NO ARGUMENTS).

I exist to help business owners develop marketing and sales strategies that will help them accelerate their business growth. 

I have coached and worked with over 6,505 (this figure keeps increasing daily) business owners globally and received amazing reviews and they have been able to start making constant sales online.

In this training, I want to teach you how you too can make money in your sleep just like I do daily on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.



I was at my wits end in 2018 when I started Naijasalesmaker. I desperately needed to clear my debts of over 8 figures and start a new lease of life. I had less than N20,000 left in my bank account and my landed property was put up for sale to pay for my debts. I had a failed business and life was a living hell at that time.

I found Instagram and thousands of business owners and I started building my community with my hashtags #nsmtribe and #naijasalesmaker using my personal strategies. After 3 months of consistently teaching and coaching my new tribe for FREE, I started to monetize my skills/knowledge and I made my first N10,000,000 from Instagram alone. In the year 2019, I decided to improve my skills futher and I implemented what I learnt in my coaching business in year 2020. As at the first quarter of 2020, I had already made close to another N10,000,000 using the new strategies.

In this training, I will be teaching you how you too can start making money from digital marketing skills.

Tap below to watch what one of my past students said after her class with me

What One of My Clients In


Said After She Attended My Class

I decided to implement the baddest of all the sales strategies, Next thing, while I was working, I was receiving endless messages, my followers increased like mad, my DM and Whatsapp full. Tell me why God won’t bless you Naijasalesmaker. You put me through from day one I opened my page, God bless you ma, good health and wealth I pray for you and your family ma.


CEO @qualityhairsbystella

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