If a woman who once struggled to get clients could make 32 million naira on Whatsapp by using this SECRET….

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How Did An Ex-student Who Neither Had An Idea Of Social Media Marketing Nor Knows How To Make Sales From It Make 3Million Naira From A 325k Capital Just After 3weeks?


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The answer will startle you!


It’s an amazing easy-to-apply class that will make you millions after 30days.


Immediately taking you from a single-sales person to a multiple-sales person.


While bringing in lots of customers from the Social-media platform you once considered a jungle to hunt


Be it Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp or even Google.





Yes, it could have been very hard for you.


You might have found turning your followers to buyers extremely difficult.


You could have spent $$$ on ads that barely made you sufficient profit in return.


Your past months could have been filled with many many “I Will Get Back To You” or “Your Product Is Too Expensive” Customers.



You could even be a beginner who is doubtful of investing your capital in the online space.


Or probably a business person who thinks the profit coming in is enough….but needs more.


If this easy-to-apply 30days class could change the business story of over 17,000 people then it can do the same for you.



Do you think it’s hard to make sales on
social media?

You’re right


It requires so much effort which brings
little sales at the end.


But do you know just few people are making
so much money from it?


And it’s so easy for them that it almost
feels like they are putting in little to no work.


However, there is a SECRET to this which I
will tell you in a moment.



But before then,



Amidst all social media stress and
strive,  TOYIN AKAN
[@naijasalesmaker]  combs in money both
on and outside these platforms.


Not just that,


I have helped over 17,603 business men and women scale up their brands.


making sales and growing their businesses consistently.


I find it very easy to do over and over again.






Do you keep putting in effort in online marketing and it keeps going down the drain?


Well, it’s not your fault.


The least result you deserve should have been an equivalent of the effort you keep putting in….not some unyielding outcome.


But it does not work that way!!


The social media of today was developed and constantly been upgraded by talented individuals…


And they put some big stumbling blocks in place.


First the algorithm.


Second, the paid promotions.


Hence, if you have little or no idea of how to go around these blockages you will neither get as many eyes to see your products nor will you make enough sales.



You will continue with the 1 or 2 sales per day and when will you continue with this till?





However, Toyin Akan [@naijasalesmmaker] has the exact SECRET to making more sales on and off social media.



Not just that,


She also knows the right information to break these online marketing blockages down and scale up your business in just 30days.[1] 



And she has compiled this knowledge in the 30days class called…




       If you are a beginner or about to start your business on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp or Google.


       If you want to learn the New ways to get customers from social media and outside social media.


       If you have problems with running ADS [IG / Facebook / Google / Youtube] or any payment issues


       If you’ve been in the online business for a while and you don’t seem to be getting enough customers.


       If you don’t know how to use social media for your business.


If you belong to any of these categories then THE SALES ACADEMY is for you.

Now, I want to ask you a question…

Have you ever spoken to someone in real life and all they did was talk about themselves and how great they are?


Now ask yourself…


Did you feel like ever speaking to them again?


The chances are you didn’t.


This same theory applies to social media when you are blindly promoting your products…


Sales passes you by, and you miss chances of growing your business.


However, The SALES ACADEMY can show you how to promote your business rightly using a very easy method.


People who followed this lessons saw the results and they were glad they Signed up for the classes.


See for yourself

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However, the SALES ACADEMY classes has a compilation of various useful information you will definitely need to scale up your business…which include;




What’s Inside ?





SECTION 1: Marketing Your Products Distinctly



You will be given and taught


       How To Craft One of The Best Irresistible Offer Compared To Your Competitors that your customers won’t want to miss out on.



Creating great offers proves as a very big problem for most brands.


With this you will be able to water your customers’ mouths with your product and show them the clear difference between buying from you and buying from other brands.


You won’t need to keep under-selling your products but give a nice offer and watch them dip their hands into their purses to pay even at the normal price.




       The Quickest And Easiest Way To Identify Your Audience and Attract Them With Your Caption, Content And Brand Personal.



Get this wrong and you will start attending to people who will only stress your life out with thousands of questions and end up with “I WILL GET BACK TO YOU”.



But with this simple way, you will learn how to know the kind of audience you should attract…


The right words to use and pull your IDEAL customers…


How to place your brand to avoid unresponsive people.



And within 30 days you will see how less answering you’re doing and more money in your bank account.




       How To Create Catchy Contents, Videos, Reels, Instagram stories and Captions That Leads To Sales.



82% of people come to social media for a different reason… to catch fun and feed their eyes with interesting creatives.



So it’s up to you to catch their attention amidst the fun and show them what you have to offer.


But you will most likely fail to do so if you have no idea of how to go about it.


This classes will allow you to hook those people with as little as a 30seconds

video or caption-read…. which ultimately means MORE sales.





       A Class On How To Close Sales And Convert “ I will get back to you”  Or  “Your price is too high”  customers.



It’s a fact that at a point you get tired of these kinds of customers… Effort Wasted, No Sales Made.



It kills energy and makes you second guess your brand.


But does the fault lie in you? NO and Yes.


NO, because it’s not about your pricing and YES because you’ve not learnt the right way to CLOSE AND CONVERT SALES.


However, in this class your old technique will be broken down and you will get to learn a better one.





       Free Guide For Targeting The Right Audience From Facebook for all niches.


A separate guide was made for you to get your IDEAL customers on Facebook.


You will not only learn the Instagram marketing ways but also that of Facebook


And it comes for free.




       The New Strategies I Gave an Ex-student that took her from poor sales to N2,400,000 in 14 days



You won’t only get to learn theories but also the step-by-step practice of the method my past student used to make lots of money .


…and not in 30 days but just 14DAYS.





       Revealed How An Ex-student Made N4,000,000 in 4days.



A case study of how another student applied the SALES ACADEMY method and saw massive result in just 4DAYS.








In this section, you will be given the step-by-by strategy that an ex-student used and went from 250k monthly to over 1.1million on WhatsApp.







You will get to have a deep understanding of paid promotions [ IG// FB // Google // Youtube].




       How To Run Profitable Instagram and Facebook sponsored Ads without any glitch.



Most ads flop due to several reasons which include;


Showing a wrong/right offer to the wrong market.


Not spending time to identify your avatar, demographics and places they hang in.


Setting an unsuitable BUDGET


⏭ Abandoning active ads and so on.



One of these or more could be affecting how successful your ads run.


 You could even think it’s bringing in sales for you meanwhile it’s not bringing in as much as what you should be getting.



But how do you get to do it right when you don’t have a deep understanding of it?


You can get that from the SALES ACADEMY.





       How To Fix All Your Facebook Ad Card Issues For A Successful Marketing Campaign.


Problems like this happen every once in awhile.


#Card payment issues


#Account disabling


#And every other payment problems



However, you won’t have to PANIC anytime you face it as you will be taught what to do to cases like this in the SALES ACADEMY.






       How To Run Google Ads and Youtube Ads That Converts To Sales.




Not only will you get to learn about IG and Facebook ads but also how to go about running YouTube and Google ads.


It’s all rounder.





       Plus The Safest Steps To Take To Protect Your Account and Avoid Getting Disabled.



You wouldn’t have to get banned before learning what steps you could have taken.


All you need to do is to implement what you learn from the SALES ACADEMY.








It is very possible for a brand to keep making money and a lot of sales but NOT GROWING.



It requires much more knowledge to grow on Modern Day social media.



In this you will discover;




       How To Get Verified on Google And Make Your Brand Go Big.



You will get to learn what to do and how your brand must be positioned to get a blue tick to your business on Google.


And you know what that means?


Bigger sales!!




       How To Grow Your Followers



This seems like one of the hardest things on social media.


People swam to entertaining accounts and follow like bees but business accounts have to strive hard to get followers little- by-little.


But do you know you can overturn it for your brand?


You will get to know the exact things to do in the SALES ACADEMY.





       How To Make Celebrities Notice And Advertise Your Brand.



You can as well get celebrities and influencers to see your brands and give you a shout out.


It’s not a dream, You Can Make It Happen through what you will get to learn.





       How To Get Visibility For Your Brand On Instagram and other social media platforms.



Social media algorithm was made to determine which content is valuable to users and which is not.


And you can only get as much VISIBILITY only if you break through this barrier and keep at it.


But how do you go about it?











You will also learn;



       How To Simply Make Your Website Generate Sales For You


You will be taught how to keep cashing in money without even running ads.



Your sales does not have to end as soon your ads stop.




       How To Get More Sales With Your Bio and Link.



You will also learn how a simple trick in your social media page could bring in side-sales.





       The Amazing Methods To Auditing Your Page Yourself Like A Pro



Sometimes all you need is to add this, delete that or feature necessary info on your page.


And you won’t necessarily have to look for an expert to help you do it or get lost while on it .



…this will be possible all because of the lessons you will get from THE SALES ACADEMY within your 30 days.






       How To Make Your Page Look Very Catchy.


With this ,you can get the right people to start frequenting your page.


And this equals more sales over time.









Many times, we get the question…





The answer is NO!


There is a BIG part in what you will be taught within these 30days that gives SEVERAL YEARS of experience on how to THRIVE successfully outside social media space.



And this could be what you really need to set your business on a LONG-LASTING trail of success.


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Is That All??



Definitely Not?



Remember the goal is to make you get as much customers both on and off social media ….



And to also grow your business.






Alongside the full bundles you will get within those 30days after signing up for these sales academy…



You will also get some BONUSES which include;









Most times people get lost and confused after getting courses, guides and the likes.



Due to many reasons like; Not implementing, No motivation or Skipping Classes.



But none of these will happen if you sign up for THE SALES ACADEMY.


As there will be a support system to keep you in check and on track till DAY 30.


And these system includes;




       Access To The Sales Academy Support Group where experts will answer your questions and guide you all the way.




       Assignments To Help You Implement and Get Results



       Daily Tasks






Not just that,



With your sign-up comes some other side bonuses and access you will not get on normal ground.


Which include:










       Access To TOYIN AKAN {@naijasaalesmaker} While You’re Learning In the 30days Sales Academy.



Outside this class, people pay hugely to consult me.


But you will be in my circle and have access to me every twice a week on zoom during these 30 days.


Do you see how much worth you’re getting?




       Access To Hundreds Of Business Owners Like You For Collaboration and Partnership.



Many business owners sign up because they get customers, wholesalers and drop shippers from the sales academy.


So this is like a plus advantage for you if you sign up.




       One Year Access To All The Lectures.


You don’t have to learn hurriedly and end up not getting results.


If you do not have the time to spare for lectures during those 30 days….IT’S FINE.


You can always go back to it within a year.







Many people in different countries have applied the lessons gotten from the SALES ACADEMY on their businesses and it worked massively for them.


This is not hype!




And you don’t have to search to far before seeing proofs…


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You can finally have access to all these


You can get to use social media rightly as an extension of your business.


And get to sell out your products within a very short period of time.


Your brand can finally get to grow so big that you begin to wonder how you did it so fast.


And you can start making profits you could never have imagined would be possible in years.



All this and more could be possible if you sign up to the SALES ACADEMY for;





Considering the worth you are getting with this amount it’s safe to say you will get each bundle in this course for at least ten thousand naira.



But if you sign up for the SALES ACADEMY you will get all for just N100,000



Think about the amount you’ve wasted on running flopped ads.



Also think about the ones you will possibly run soon.



Will you rather watch it flop again or learn to do it the right way through SALES ACADEMY?



Think about the headaches you get each day from unyielding marketing strategies…


And also how dispirited you get after tons of stagnant sales.


Would you rather keep telling yourself  “IT’S DUE TO THE BAD ECONOMY”  or make your products SELL OUT a few hours after displaying them?



If you think about it you’d see N100,000 is just a little to spare.



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There is a specific number of sign ups this discount will be available for.


Once it hits the number this discount will be taken down and the price will return back to N100,000.


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How will you feel if you miss this opportunity?



Like I said, this discount will not last forever.


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It might even remain just 1.


Will you prefer to give someone else your slot?



If not, you know what to do.



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This limited discount comes with a very special gift.






This might sound odd to you


But let me remind you about what happened in Nigeria during the EndSars Protest.



The government banned TwitterNG due to some certain reasons best known to them.


Big brands with lots of followers who once earned lots of money from marketing on this platform got shut out as well.



And as a business person you know what this means!



Do you think whatsapp can’t be tampered with as well?


Remember when Whatsapp stopped working for a whole day on the 21st of November 2021.


A lot of whatsapp marketers panicked that day.


But amidst all these, those who had email list with lots of subscribers thrived and made more money.



This Is What I’m Saying!


Millions of naira can be made on Instagram, Facebook ,WhatsApp and every other social media platforms but also having an Email List will give you the back-up assurance for your business.



However, if you sign up right at this moment you will not only get to pay N20,000 but also get this RARE email marketing guide.



You will be able to get your first 1,000email subscribers then use the knowledge you’ve gotten from the classes to rake in money from there as well.




Let me remind you,


This discount might end right now or tomorrow or anytime.


You can never tell when.


It’s up to you to decide if you will get it now or not….or probably come back to pay N100,000 after realizing how much you need THE SALES ACADEMY classes.












Send your WhatsApp number, name you used to make payment and a GMAIL address (not yahoo) afterwards to @naijasalesmaker DM.


You will be registered manually



       SIGN UP NOW!



If after applying these lessons your business still remained the same .


And these classes had no effect on your online marketing…


Your money will be returned back to you.


All you need to do is request for your money and show proof that you applied these lessons.


Then your money will be sent back to you as soon as possible.



But I’m giving you another guarantee that you will not be using this.




Because you will already be startled about how much growth you’ve made.



    Sign Up For The Sales Academy Right Away!

Think About This…



Waking up to see a long list of people demanding for a certain product you just promoted.


Making millions of naira after just 30days.



Also think about how much growth has hit your brand



It’s not just a dream


It is possible


And you can make it happen right at this moment.








No matter how small your brand is…


No matter how poor sales you’re making now…


No matter how much you’re planning to ditch online marketing.


You can still benefit from social media.


And you can do that effectively starting from now.